White Bread And Ketchup

by | Nov 28, 2018

White bread and ketchup, again?  What do you do when your child just won’t eat?  Plenty.

The taste of food and its texture is directly related to your child’s sense of touch.  Some children are super-sensitive to how things feel against their skin. Others are super-sensitive to how things taste or how the food texture feels in their mouth.

Here’s the thing: eating, tasting, chewing and moving the food with the tongue is all a sensory experience.  We have many senses.  All of them join in and help each other.

Sight, taste, touch, hearing and smelling join in the brain to help us learn about our world.  Offering a large variety of sensory experiences helps the brain become receptive to more and more.

So, forget about trying different foods for a while.  For now, try to open your child to new experiences in general.  New movies, new style of book, new smelling soap, a new colored light bulb in your bedside table lamp, different bed sheets and weights of blankets, even a new feeling toothbrush.  Keep at it, until your child actually looks forward to change and new experiences.

Once these things get easier to do, then move to the next stage: work on flavors and textures.

Think of it as broadening your child’s horizons.  Bon appetite!

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