The child or adult with autism spectrum disorder is usually an individual with a huge range of abilities to function successfully and independently. But, some days the confidence in your child to productively contribute to the world, seems far away.

No one can do this alone easily.  You have tried and you continue to try.  Sometimes it is hard to see that progress is being made.

Suzanne Cresswell, author of Unique Learner Solutions, has an idea or two for you.  Just when you may be feeling a little bewildered in parenting, teaching, working with, employing, or marrying an individual on the autism spectrum, Suzanne has some fresh ideas.

The questions she answers are questions received from you, the reader.  Following your inquiries, broad categories have been established for you to “deep dive” into boys with autism and girls with autism, the teen with autism spectrum disorder and the toddler with early signs of autism. Consideration for the teacher is also included within this pillar dedicated to autism spectrum disorder. Enjoy and learn!

Scroll through to find topics related to boys with autism, girls on the spectrum, toddlers, teenagers and the implications for the teacher.

TAKE AN AUTISM QUIZ!  See what you and your friends with autism have in common!  Autism is a spectrum disorder. There is a huge range, a vast and varied spectrum of behaviors that are characteristic of autism. Most of us have a few of these traits at one time or another. Recognizing our similarities can help with easing symptoms of stress. Stress, as you may know, can also be associated with this predicament and it can complicate treatment. TAKE QUIZ NOW

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