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In 2017 my book, Unique Learner Solutions, was published. Writing this book about learning disorders started a conversation with readers from various disciplines, backgrounds, and life experiences.  I am delighted for the conversations and relationships. Through this informational website, I wish to address what you have taught me.  

Friends and family members, work and school professionals and those in the public interested in my book, all opened my eyes to the reader’s story. I discovered that the very people reading my book, have a great deal of investment in helping raise young people that are also unique learners. I discovered that parents and teachers agonize over the right way to guide individuals with learning disabilities. It’s wonderful to realize that so many people want to know the right way to help. And painful, too, because it’s scary.

I have become very interested in you, the reader, and I am fully paying attention to the questions you are asking. Most of your questions are framed around a diagnosis or use of a label for learning disabilities.  I steered clear of the use of labels in Unique Learner Solutions because the children taught me that their diagnosis did not matter to them.

At the time of writing and publishing my book, what did matter to the children I wrote about was when, where and how they needed help learning at home, at their school desk, and on the playground. In the world of Unique Learner Solutions, the wiggler and the scratchy clothes complainer, the shy one and the space hog, all denoted just as important categories as labels such as autism, attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. 

So, I now want to answer the questions I have become aware that you are asking.  I hope to use diagnostic labels and categorizations that are familiar to you, so that you can group them into patterns that make sense to you. I want you to understand the best way you can help in the language you’ve asked me to use. Mostly, I want you to feel less stress and more joy in your life together with your unique learner.

The website pillar pages and multitude of blogs are written by me with that purpose in mind. 

With deep respect,

Suzanne Cresswell OT,PT,CHT,CEA

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