The Impatient Child – Halfway Done Day

by | May 11, 2020

Children with learning disabilities can seem very impatient at times. When so much is beyond their control, particularly lately, our children may seem to “dig in” at the most inconvenient of times.

Children are asserting their will, where they can. For this reason, the when, where and how something happens, takes on new meaning. Children and students that usually show an even temper, can be overly needy to “take charge” especially right now when so much is different about their lives.

Often we are afraid that giving-in will spoil the child, resulting in more demands for instant gratification. A different approach is needed for those that learn differently. Unique learners often become super stressed when forced to leave one activity and to move onto the next. Even if both are fun things.

The fine art of leaving one activity to initiate another must be taught to many of the unique learner population. Try this idea I developed with children I had the opportunity to work with.

Half Way Done Day   

  • Start with something joyful and easy to teach the concept of being part way done. Help them know that there are times when having something only partially complete, is ok.
  • For those that can draw, I ask them to draw a shape and then I provide the, “but only partly finish it…” unexpected instruction. (Or however you choose to word it.)
  • Remind them that sometimes there are somethings that just need to be left partway done. And you just never know when that might happen.
  • “Today is the day we practice being ok with part way done.”
  • Have fun selecting easy tasks, games and activities and then discontinuing them with a shrug and smile.
  • Never over-do it, just enough to remember the experience at some future time. You’ll be glad to be on the same page as your child when you need to say this, “Stop that game you’re playing and get moving into Mom’s car, turns out we’re late!”

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