The Adolescent Mind

by | Jan 15, 2019

During adolescence, our mind develops through repeated experiences together with our expectations, thoughts, and beliefs about our ability to act on the world.  Our beliefs become categorized into systems in our mind and lead to more automatic responses.  At this stage of adolescence, we do not necessarily have to “recreate” the wheel at each stage.

As the adolescent develops and matures, what we perceive around us is relayed to various portions of the brain.  This produces flexible responses, behaviors, and actions.  Responding to our world in a more organized fashion, promotes more maturation.  In adolescence we develop intricate eye movements, postural tone, balance, and gravitational security.

This is how the adolescent mind learns.  This learning sets the stage for attitude toward learning down the line.

In understanding these concepts, one can see how valuable the adolescent mind is to the future of us all.  Take the time, observe the stages, and enjoy your adolescent’s mind.  For more information on learning see my past blogs!



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