Social Anxiety: Help your child stop negative thinking

by | Mar 5, 2019




Children with social anxiety have difficulty blocking “bad” thoughts.  They roll around in their heads and can’t think of much else.

Family, friends and school work can get pushed aside by children’s inability to move forward, calm down and get back to the joy of day to day life.

Changing negative thinking needs help from a caring adult.  Adults can teach children to replace “rainy day” thinking with “clear blue sky” thoughts.  Affirmations help change thinking.

An affirmation is simply a strong, positive statement.  It can be general, or very specific.  It can be spoken silently, or out loud, or written down.

Some important considerations when doing affirmations are:

  1. Always phrase affirmations in the present tense, not in the future. Don’t say “I will make a wonderful new friend, but rather “I now have wonderful people in my life that I like.”
  2. Always phrase affirmations in the most positive way that you and your child can. Don’t say “I no longer have bad grades”, but rather “I now do my best and learn more each time I try”.
  3. Generally, the shorter and simpler the affirmation the better. The more feeling it conveys, the stronger the impression it makes on your child’s mind and the better chance your child has of changing their thinking.
  4. Always choose affirmations that feel right for your child. An affirmation should feel positive, expansive, and freeing.
  5. Affirmations are not meant to try to change your child’s feelings or emotions. They can help your child create a new point of view about life.

What we say to ourselves certainly influences and colors our feelings, and our insights of any situation.  The practice of doing affirmations allows your child to begin replacing some of the negative self-talk and mind chatter, with more positive ideas and concepts.



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