“Get outside!”, we are told.  There is less spread of infection when we are out of doors.

The outdoors offers more than just prevention of illness; it offers great peace of mind.  The Holiday season can be exciting for children and adults, but it can also introduce a lot of chaos. Since the Holidays during a pandemic will be unlike any other Holiday, some healthy relationship building activities should come into play in your family.  Nature is certainly the answer.  Your backyard, your local park, a nearby lake, ocean, or river, and even your front porch after a walk around your neighborhood can offer you the out of doors experience that can build relationships with your family members. 

Dress for the weather and get out of doors together.

Some neighborhoods are getting creative with their games for family and friends. “Treasure Hunt” is a community game, where families in neighborhood secretly hide treasures and clues so that other families could explore the neighborhood. Younger, older, and even childlike adults can enjoy an old-fashioned “I spy with my little eye.” When you are outside, perhaps you can vary it with “I hear with my little ear.” Encourage use of all your senses!

Tag, kick-the-can, hide-and-go-seek are all games to reawaken your families childhood spirit and allow them to get out of doors. And hot chocolate always tastes amazing with the people you love after a shared novel family experience. 

Recognize that this December will be new and different.  Plan on some new and different, novel activities and include the outdoors and nature as much as you can.

Enjoy your friends and family.  Be safe and stay healthy. and Happy Holidays!

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