Movement Patterns Improve Your Brain

by | Dec 18, 2018

Movement patterns that incorporate left and right side activities, are especially valuable in working the right and left side of your brain.  Physical coordination and mental problem-solving has been shown to improve after movement pattern activities.

Arm and Hand Readiness – The shoulder needs to hold still while the child draws, writes, or types.  Teach children: “Shoulders down, squeeze shoulder blades together, take a deep breath in and gently exhale, and let the shoulders go…”

Do this in a great range of postures, whether the child is sitting still or moving while performing balance exercises.  Try to perform this shoulder posture exercise in the middle of classwork or at home doing homework. 

Younger children may benefit from imagery that helps maintain this posture, such as placing their hand together with index fingers extended and pretending to blow out a birthday candle that’s imaginary flame exists at the tip of the index fingers.

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