by | Aug 26, 2020

Masks can be fun.  They really can!  Some students may, deep down, really like being given permission to have a face just like everybody else’s.  Wearing a mask can help some children blend in.  Blending in can be very stress relieving. Lower stress improves learning.

In some cases, wearing a mask can lessen social hyperconsciousness.  Wearing a mask is temporary, just for the next few months of the global pandemic. Wearing a mask is just to stop the spread of COVID‑19.  COVID-19 will stop spreading if we stay 6 feet apart and we wear masks.  Masks can actually be fun, and masks are necessary.

Handwashing can be also be fun.  Too infrequently are we provided with those moments in a day to focus on ourselves.  To quietly “reboot” all by ourselves is an important process during the course of a busy day.  Look at your hands as you wash your hands.  Notice the movement of the water going through your fingers and around your wrists.  Imagine that that is your stress going down the drain.  Take a deep breath.  Dry your hands equally thoughtfully with easy and deep breathing.  Breathe in calmness, breathe out stress.

Handwashing is fun as well as necessary!

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