Learning, no matter how it looks:  Stick with it! 

Learning is worth it, and parents, I’m talking to you.  COVID-19 and its resultant teaching-at-home fall out has become a parent journey more than any other.  Parents have changed work hours and daily routines to accommodate this sudden child‑at‑home experience for the past 6 months.  No one could have told you that could happen.  Not in a million years.  Parents’ response to this immediate change in their day has been remarkable.

And here we are, we made it to December!

But our learning journey does not end here.

Learning occurs everywhere, all the time and at all ages.  Yes it is true, parents you were truly “back at school” yourselves.  Parents, you are the ones with the learning curve happening far more intensely than your school age children.

Rest assured, science shows time and time again that learning at all stages of life helps the brain grow. We are used to learning the skills of an exciting new job. We are used to learning about how to resolve our children’s problems. And now, our brains grow each time we read, reread, and follow the teacher’s exact script to teach our child how to print and how to read. To our brain, learning is learning.  Learning grows the brain, improves self‑esteem, and reduces the onset of early dementia like Alzheimer’s.

2020 has been a learning journey.  So, Thank You parents for your participation.  We know it was not a choice, but it is the most important job you will ever do. So, fight it, complain about it, embrace it as it is all a journey.  And, it might just be your single greatest contribution to a better world. 

Learning, Stick With it!

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