How To Cure Autism

by | Jul 16, 2019

The symptoms of autism can be lessened by developing an understanding of how the environment impacts an individual with autism spectrum disorder.  We perceive our environment through our sensory system and then change our behavior based on what’s going on around us.  Our eyes see traffic congestion up ahead as we drive, for example, and we change our course of action and take side streets to our destination.  We sense our environment and alter our behavior accordingly.

An individual with autism spectrum disorder will base their decisions on their own way of seeing their environment.  Their own sensory system, for example, may hyper‑accentuate the brightness of the lights.  The brightness may seem so excessive to an individual with autism spectrum disorder that they must shield their eyes or divert their visual attention before continuing with the task at hand.

Knowledge of the hyper-responsiveness to bright lights, can help plan circumstances with more favorable lighting.  Less distraction from bright lights and more focus on the task at hand. 

Just like many, many chronic medical conditions, individuals can learn to live with the symptoms and minimize any negative impact the symptoms have on their independent functioning.  A person with rheumatoid arthritis will learn to utilize assistive devices to open a jar of pickles versus straining their hand and finger joints causing discomfort later.  An individual with autism spectrum disorder and hypersensitivity to sounds, may use noise cancellation headsets when they feel the need to focus on the task at hand.

Adults with autism and sensory processing difficulties, can maintain their focus at hand when continuously able to fidget with either their hands or feet.  Desk‑friendly fidget objects are kept on the desktop and various feet fidgets are available underneath the desk.  Sometimes the use of essential oils or scented candles can be helpful as well as the freedom to stand or to stand and move periodically throughout the work day. 





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