Happiness tip: Pretend every day is Valentine’s Day

Have you ever stopped to consider that the heart is the brain behind the brain?

When the heart is functioning optimally, a cascade of chemicals, peptides, and hormones are released that facilitate brain functioning.

When a child is happy, when their heart is engaged, thinking and understanding becomes easier. Teaching how to give and receive love becomes important in light of the child’s ability to learn.  

First, let’s teach our children how to like [or love] themselves and to develop a keen interest in their own well-being. An individual must have that sense of regard for themselves before it can be extrapolated toward others. With the child’s keen interest in themselves, the world becomes more interesting.

That same level of caring can be extended to people, places, and objects around them. Events and circumstances matter and, with the heart engaged, the brain can work to a higher level. When these children mature, their clear thinking can assist our communities in many ways. So, it would seem that love truly does make the world go ‘round.

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