How can I help you, parents and teachers? There is a lot happening, and You are going through so much!

In our Northern California community, not only is the pandemic closing many local businesses for public safety, mandatory power outages are also occurring across the state to prevent the potential of additional wildfires. The August Complex fire still smolders on the horizon. I am not sure what your home looks like, but we have not rehung pictures on the walls since our last evacuation one month ago.

Through all these major events, it is important to ask. As children, where is the learning occurring?  As educators, when can you teach?  As parents, how can you parent?  Are you and your family eating well?  Can you pay your bills? 

There are a lot of us in the community that want to help, but we just don’t know how.  I promise though, we are out there, smiling behind our mask, waving you on to safely cross the street, holding the door at the store, encouraging you from a distance to keep it up.  Even yesterday, I bought the groceries of the woman waiting in line behind me. 

During times where positivity is hard to come by, watch for us helpers.  We are there.  We are all around you.  Let us give you a hand or direct our smiling eyes your way.  Give us a chance and give yourself a break.  Accept help.  Ask for help.  Take care of you! 

This is not forever, it is just for now.

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