Does your child prefer outside play to indoors? Do they tend to move fast, sometimes too fast? Does your child not want to sit still and, if they do, it’s only briefly. Too brief to read a story? Is your child starting to make responsible decisions to help with clothing choices and will get one thing at a time. But this is still a “hit or miss”. Does your child remain reluctant to try new food textures? As a new suggestion, try physical compression and hugs. Squishing your child playfully and gently will give their brain information about their physical dimensions. They need to know how tall, wide, and thick they are. They need to know much space they occupy. Try hugs, towel rubs after bathing or swimming, and squishing your child like a sandwich between two pillows. Compliment this exercise about your child size and physical dimension with games involving knowing their size. Trace your child shoe outline and make stepping stones out of paper. Find a box that just fits your child to sit inside. Find a table that just fits your child to sit underneath. Find a beach towel that fits them to lie down in the shade. Make it fun! Learning about time and space is fun. Time and space are building blocks for social skills down the line.

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