Brush the Skin, Calm the Brain

by | Jan 8, 2019

The skin and the nervous system [the brain] both develop from the same tissue when the human body is developing inside the womb.  The ability of the skin to detect temperature, pressure, shape, and texture is directly linked to brain functioning.  Brushing the skin using a standard scrub brush is an easy classroom-friendly and home-friendly activity.  Many researchers have outlined the positive effects of a brushing program in promoting calming of the nervous system.  The program is also designed to promote alertness for ideal learning readiness. 

When using a dry scrub brush on the forearms and hands, imagine this brushing your brain awake. Brushing combines pressure and can be very “organizing” and, therefore, calming for the brain.  Brushing also can cause a yoga-like calmness in children.  Try brushing through clothing on children’s backs, over their arms and even legs.  The child will indicate to you when they’ve had enough.  Usually 2 minutes.




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