1. Are others just too slow when you have to work in partners or a team of coworkers?

2. Do you lose your concentration at meetings? Does it seem the group always discusses the same thing over and over?

3. Do you notice that you tend to have a stronger emotional reaction or that your giggles and laughter as well as your grumblings and misgivings last longer than others?

4. Do you have an unusual response to printing and writing because of the unpleasant sensation of dragging a pencil on paper too slowly for your thoughts that are generated at a much faster pace than you can record them?

5. Do you experience stress and anxiety as you try to compensate for your hyperactivity or your limited attention span?

If you answered "yes" to 3 or more of these questions...
...then you do have quite a bit in common with your friends with ADHD. Welcome to the human race. Welcome to the recognition that we are all striving to do our best.

Just tell us who you are to view your results!

Are you ready to be the hero your child needs right now?

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