No one can do this alone easily. You have tried and you continue to try. Sometimes it’s hard to see that progress is being made.

The child or adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is usually an individual with a huge range of abilities to function independently. But for some, that possibility seems far away.

Suzanne Cresswell, author of Unique Learner Solutions, has an idea or two for you. Just when you may be feeling a little bewildered in parenting, teaching, marrying, or employing an individual with ADHD, Suzanne has some fresh ideas.

The questions she answers are questions she has received from you!

Scroll through to find topics related to boys with ADHD, girls with ADHD, toddlers, teenagers and those that teach ADHD students.

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TAKE THE ADHD QUIZ NOW BY CLICKING HERE!  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an extremely common learning disorder. It has been well recognized that many famous people in our society have experienced a similar learning disability. These persons lived to make valuable contributions to our sciences, arts, technology and music.

The ADHD that faces many people tends to cause behaviors such as poor impulse control, difficulty completing tasks, tendency toward emotionality, and a reduced attention span. Poor behavior is not the cause of ADHD. Medical science recognizes this learning challenge to be neurobiological in its origins. It is not based in social learning. So, it’s not Johnny’s fault, nor is it your’s.

Most of us have a few of these behaviors at one time or another. Recognizing our similarities can help with easing symptoms of stress. Stress, as you may know, can also be associated with this predicament and it can complicate treatment.

See how you respond to these questions! ADHD QUIZ

COMING SOON: Answer the self-quiz to see what you and your friends with ADHD have in common!

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