Have you seen the moon, Suzanne? 

My mom loved full moons. Even when I moved away, she would call me every full moon. If she didn’t speak to me by phone, she would write a letter and marvel how we were both looking at the same moon at the same time.  I loved her letters.  It became a connection between us.  Since my mom’s passing, I continue that same connection with my grown children who have also moved away.  Our mutual recognition of a full moon is a sentimental connection adding fuel to our relationship.

What fuels your relationship with your children, young or old? 

Research has shown fueling our relationships with love can be the intangible ingredient that fuels our ability to think, our cognition.  It turns out that the heart and its release of hormones is the brain behind the brain. Think of how sharp you are when doing math to budget for a fun vacation versus similar arithmetic computations when doing your taxes, especially if you owe money.

When we engage a child’s heart, their self‑assurance and sense of enjoyment, we engage their minds.  When we act in a hopeful and thoughtful manner toward others, even strangers, our heart triggers our brain for optimum functioning. 

There is a connection between the self‑assurance in our honest interactions and our well- being.  Medical science repeatedly proves this, religious scholars recognize and teach this, and our great artists celebrate it.  Think of Shakespeare’s timeless words spoken to Hamlet and paraphrased here,

“To thine own self be true and it must follow, as the moon follows the sun, thou cannot be false to another man.”

Love really does make the [human] world go‑round. 

For an honest look at your child and their learning ability, consider reading my book, “Unique Learner Solutions“.  It provides you with hopeful, thoughtful, and loving approaches toward your child’s learning, toward yourself, and toward one another. Suzanne’s book, Unique Learner Solutions is available to purchase on this website! (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE), Unique Learner Solutions.

In the meanwhile, go out and watch the moon!

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